WINDSOR ShadowHawk final front Oct 2016.jpg

Shadow Hawk

90 Proof

NC ABC #66547

Not ashamed to stand alongside finer aged Brandies, Whiskeys, and Tequilas, this cask matured spirit is distilled from aromatic Seyval Blanc grapes grown onsite. A truly homegrown jewel.


In our fast food, instantaneous results, and lightning quick internet world, it’s a virtue to appreciate that some things do not profit by being rushed. There’s a saying, “Old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill….” Leaving the treachery part behind for now, let us focus on the old age part of the idea. Some things, and spirituous liquor being one of them, do, as they say, “get better with age.”

Employing the identical techniques of production as described in our White Widow, so our Shadow Hawk undergoes the same, but with another of our favorite white grapes, Seyval Blanc. Our Seyval wine has become a customer favorite because of its crisp acidity, and delightful, aromatic and fruit forward flavors.

Believing (correctly) that such a pleasant wine coming from such pleasant grapes would yield a very distinct and interestingly flavored spirit, we very quickly purposed to get it into the still. Our beliefs were not in vain.

It was quickly determined that the positive qualities in our new found spirit would only get better if we let it age…and where better to age quality liquor than in time-honored, venerable wooden barrels. Beginning with previously used toasted, white oak wine barrels, and soon including fully charred oak whiskey barrels, showed that we were on the right trail. The older the spirit got, and the more influence it drew from the caramelized naturalized sugars in the burnt and charred oak, the happier the boys in the distillery got, and the more eager we became to share this with our many discriminating patrons.

Our Shadow Hawk, while technically a “Distilled Spirits Specialty,” is quite unashamed to be considered in a class by itself, and doesn’t feel the least bit presumptuous to stand next to some of its finest barrel aged counterparts. Those who appreciate high quality aged Cognacs, Tequilas, Whiskies, and Rums are likely to find themselves pleasantly surprised when contemplating the beautiful dark amber color, catching the classic sweet smoky, caramel aroma, and then savoring that first smooth sip of Shadow Hawk from a proper snifter, or specialty glass. At 90 proof we believe we’ve found that “just right” blend of warm, flavorful muscularity, and surprising smoothness, making this a “neat” drinker’s potential new favorite.

That said, those who enjoy their aged drinks over ice, and those who love to add their favorite mixing agents will not suffer disappointment. At WRC it is our mission to blend equal parts quality and versatility into all of our products, so as to appeal to all who find responsible enjoyment in excellent liquid refreshment. This bold raptor is definitely out of the cage.